For Jack Bruce

Just this morning I mentioned, once again, Jack Bruce. And just today in the afternoon, while i was searching for other things on line, I found out that Jack Bruce is gone. 
The world loses not only a legend of bass, a supreme bassist, but most of all an intelligent and versatile performer,  he was open to the fusion of different generes, and though he always paid attention to tradition, he was always able at the same time to reinvent and review perfectly all that he played.
I wrote so many times about Jack that even now I haven't any other words left which could express in the best way my very high esteem for him, as well as my gratitude for all the wonderful music that he conveyed to us with both hands.
After the death of Jack Bruce, today one piece of my life is gone forever, him, a stranger for me but in the mean time the most familiar companion on the road of mine, someone I always hoped to meet one day. 
Jack Bruce made the history of rock. Not only with The Cream but also by his peculiar and fascinating soloist career, or by the  trio union with Leslie West and Corky Laing, and still by his amazing collaborations with Michael Mantler and Kip Hanrahan, as well as his beginnings with Graham Bond. Anywhere he made a record, Jack was able to leave a strong, ductile and relevant impression to everybody approched and loved his music. I couldn't say now the titles of the pieces I feel closer to; Surely “Harmony Row” has got a very particular meaning for me since it was the first album I bought ever. 

Just last night I was fiddling around on the internet, in search of a Cream's limited box edition which wasn't at all necessary to me, since I own anything and I know all the songs by heart. 

But filling my life and my home with Jack Bruce, it was so comforting and exciting, I always felt him as a far and the closest brother of mine, one of the most important cornerstone of my imagination, and of my will to live. 
I never liked any memorial practices, and all the words I spent above doesn't want to be like that, because they could never be pronounced with an assumed sense of constriction and opportunity. This death left to me an empty feeling inside, the shock of someone who lost a vital piece, a personal hero and a great artist for everybody.

Then thank you, Mr. Jack, I'll miss you so much.

Luca De Pasquale, october 25, 2014

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